For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.
- Jeremiah 29:11 

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Jessica's Story
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On August 2nd, 2009: 18 year old Jessica was on her way to church when she was struck in her VW Beetle by an oncoming car.  

On the way to the hospital,Jessica went into cardiac arrest and was miraculously revived. Unfortunately she has been left recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury and left in a "Semi Conscious State" since that day.

Athough divorced, her parents have chosen to bring Jessica to one home where they can care for her themselves. Both have left their full time careers to provide the round the clock care Jessica requires.  

In September of 2010, Jessica was accepted into the one of kind program at the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF) who specialize in WAKING patients like Jessica.

Since beginning the protocol with IBRF, Jessica's test results show a 30% improvement in brain activity and coherence.

The cost for this protocol was $100,000 and although Jessica has insurance, Anthem Blue Cross does not currently cover any type of progressive, waking protocols nor does it cover regular physical, occupational or speech therapy that assist in keeping Jessica's body from deteriorating.   

With the huge amount of help from friends, family and complete strangers donating and attending fund-raising events, the family was able to get Jessica into the IBRF program, pay for therapy, pay for the high cost of many medications/vitamins that are not covered through insurance or medi-cal.  

(Please see donation page to see what our fundraising events have provided Jessica) 

Thanks to the hard work and kindness of others....In May of 2011 Jessica was able to travel to New Jersey for the 2nd and possibly the most significant portion of this protocol.  She remained in New Jersey for nine months with her parents taking turns traveling back and forth in order for them to care for Jessica there and her brother at home.  After 7 months of treatment in New Jersey, Jessica began communicating with her family using yes/no buttons.  She confirmed what her family felt all along.  Jessica is aware of her past and her present.  

Jessica is now home but fighting to do so.  The State has significantly cut there support of Jessica and suggest moving her into a facility (which is much more expensive then the minimal wages her parents receive to do so).  This family has no idea how they will keep Jessica at home but they vow to Jessica they will do "WHATEVER IT TAKES".

Jessica's Mother updates over 3000 people almost weekly on her facebook page that was created the first week of Jessica's accident.  

Please feel free to come and support, pray and share.  @