For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.
- Jeremiah 29:11 

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Welcome to Journey for Jessica!

  FACT:   There are approximately 1.7 million Traumatic 
                 Brain Injury patients in the U.S.

  FACT:   In the last 2 years, thousands of soldiers came 
                 back from war with Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  FACT:   There are over 30,000 sports related brain 
                 injuries per year, ranging from mild to severe in 
                 the U.S.

  FACT:   Families of Severe TBI Patients are encouraged 
                 to move their loved ones into nursing care 
                 facilities and to move on with their lives.

  FACT:  TBI patients have an increased rate of infection 
                and/or death when housed in already 
                overcrowded nursing care facilities.

  FACT:  Virtually no attempts are made to WAKE or 
                improve the physical condition for the
                percentage of severe TBI patients who do not 
               “progress” in first 3 months....and then they 

  FACT:  Although the number of TBI patients in U.S. 
              continues to grow, care continues to decrease in 
              many states, including California, causing 
              families to go virtually bankrupt if they want to 
              give their family member a fighting chance.

On August 2nd 2009 Jessica (photo above) was driving to church and struck by a speeding driver.

Doctors gave the family virtually no hope of ever waking their daughter and told them to put her into a facility. 

Instead, they took her home.

After treatments with IBRF, in December of 2011 Jessica began to respond to Yes/No questions using buttons. 

Jessica communicated to her family she was aware of her past and present. 

On Jessica’s 21st Birthday the State notified the family that their support would be cut by 80% and suggested moving her into a facility once again.

This option would give Jessica little chance of continued progress and cost the State thousands more.

 Due to Jessica's passing, Journey for Jessica has cancelled all events until further notice.  We have every intention on continuing to advocate and fight for TBI patients and their families to receive proper testing and humane care.  We want to thank all who have attended our events and/or donated to support Jessica against a system that gave her very little and ultimately played a significant part in her passing.  May her life continue to make an impact on others and a change to our suffering system.

  If you have a patient in need of support and/or referrals, we will definitely continue to respond to those messages as quickly as possible.  Please use the contact information provided. 

  Thank you,
  Lisa Huse
  (Jessica's Mom)

In loving memory of Jessica Huse
April 26th 1991 - April 26th 2018